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Torque Vectoring Differential - Explained


How does torque vectoring work? What is a torque vectoring differential? A torque vectoring differential acts very similarly to an open differential, except the axle shafts have planetary gearsets and clutch packs which allow them to lock up with the differential housing, thus altering the amount of torque sent to each wheel through different gearing in the planetary gears. As much as 100% of the available torque can be sent to an individual wheel with some setups, depending on circumstances and the differential used. The differential in this video is directly from a Lexus RCF.

NOTE: The end of the video is misleading. It doesn't incorporate how the planetary gears are used to alter the torque, and just states that they are locked with the differential housing. While it is true that the torque does transfer from the differential housing to the planetary gears, it is not explicitly shown in the video how this works. Here is a link describing this further (image C).

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