Irvine Praises Brave Wilson

Irvine Praises Brave Wilson
Cihangir Perperik
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26 Ara 2002 12:28

Investors will be paid back on the shares they buy based upon what Wilson earns in the future. Wilson already has private backers and companies signed up, but this is set to be extended in order to allow the general public to be able to purchase shares in him.

"I hope Justin makes it - selling shares in himself is a brave, but brilliant move," Irvine told The Sun newspaper. "Without the cash he wouldn't have got the drive. I was in the same situation when I made my debut for Jordan in 1993. I had to lay out a substantial amount of money from my earnings racing in Japan. But then I found a sponsor and together with a share of the prize money for coming sixth on my debut, I ended up making US$35,000 profit." Irvine's F1 future now hangs in the balance at Jordan. The Silverstone-based team is expected to name its second driver mid-January.
Da Matta will struggle says Salo

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Da Matta will struggle says Salo

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