Formula 1 MotoGP
Doha GP
02 Nis
Sıradaki Etkinlik
34 gün
11 Şub
22 Şub
1. Gün:
00 Saat
09 Dakika
41 Saniye
World Superbike
07 May
Sıradaki Etkinlik
69 gün
21 May
Sıradaki Etkinlik
83 gün
Formula E
26 Şub
00 Saat
01 Dakika
41 Saniye
Diriye E-Prix II
27 Şub
1. Antrenman:
21 Saat
46 Dakika
41 Saniye
17 Mar
04 Nis
36 gün

Graham Jarvis Claims Hard Enduro Victory - Red Bull Sea to Sky


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Graham Jarvis brought an epic hard enduro season to a close with victory at the Red Bull Sea to Sky. With all eyes on Jonny Walker to see if he could wrap up the perfect season by winning in Turkey, Jarvis was determined to keep the Grand Slam out of reach for his fellow Brit. In a reversal of fortune to when Walker stopped Jarvis clinching the Grand Slam in 2013, Jarvis became Walker's spoiler in the mix for 2015. After his customary slow start, Jarvis got his head down exiting the canyon section. Up to third by half distance, he hunted down both Walker and Wade Young, who were trying to make a break for it. Take a look back at the best action from the event!
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Süre 01:49
Tarih 9 Eki 2015
Seri Enduro
Etkinlik Red Bull Denizden Gökyüzüne
Alt-etkinlik yarış
Pilotlar Graham Jarvis , Jonny Walker
Yeni haberlere ilk siz