Formula 1 MotoGP
25 Mar
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27 gün
Doha GP
02 Nis
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11 Şub
26 Şub
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20 Saat
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33 Saniye
World Superbike
07 May
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70 gün
21 May
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84 gün
Formula E
25 Şub
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07 Saat
11 Dakika
33 Saniye
Diriye E-Prix II
27 Şub
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1 gün
17 Mar
04 Nis
37 gün

TUNED: Premium Car Audio by Sony


Upgrade your Ford car to acoustic perfection! Whether you’re looking to soundtrack your summer drive with all the details of a classical music symphony, listen to a powerful dance mix on the radio or rock out to your favourite bands from your own USB stick or phone, you can guarantee the very best sound quality with Sony’s premium sound system. Just like the rest of the car it’s been precisely tuned so that it’ll always sound perfect, regardless of what genre you choose to listen to.
The speaker system – an optional feature in the Ford Fiesta, Galaxy, B-Max, C-Max, S-Max, EcoSport, Focus, Mondeo, Kuga and Vignale – delivers up to 110dB of sound pressure level distributed by 12 top of the range speakers, including two rear surround mid-range speakers, an enclosed two-channel subwoofer and multi-layer soft-dome tweeters. The ensemble offers 390 watts of continuous power (RMS) dedicated to reproducing the most authentic sound experience possible. Finally enjoy all of your music exactly as the artist intended!
The system’s face plate and control panel were designed exclusively for these Ford models. Its silky black design harmonises with the interior styling of the lines and edges of each car. The audio system has also been configured for high power efficiency and reduced battery-drain, so that you can sing, shout and swoon your way through your music collection.

Acoustic perfection. Whenever and wherever you are. Tuned by Sony.

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