How Turbocharger Wastegates Work - Internal Vs External


How do turbochargers wastegates work? What is the difference between internal and external wastegates? Is an external wastegate better than internal? What are the advantages of internal vs external wastegates? Why are wastegates needed in turbocharger applications? Wastegates are essentially bypass valves for exhaust gases to reroute around the exhaust turbine in the event that a peak desired boost is reached to limit the amount of boost an engine creates. The wastegate can be internal to the turbocharger housing, or it can be external. Internal turbos are great for OEM applications, but external wastegates allow for more flexibility with the overall design, and can result in a more productive turbocharger as they can route the exhaust gases further away from the turbo housing. 

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Tarih 25 Şub 2016
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