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Bentley Bentayga Off-Roading in the Dunes


Bentley launch the new Bentayga in style with a full event allowing me the opportunity to drive it off-road, on-road and in the sand dunes of Southern California.

Bentayga is already launching to fantastic success, with well over 5,000 deposits placed creating a build queue over a year for the new 608hp Twin-turbocharged W12 SUV. This first opportunity for me to jump behind the wheel allows me a chance to show you around the car in detail and share my experience at the wheel with you.

It is in every way a true Bentley, with the absolute best levels of quality materials, amazing silence in the cabin on road, and effortless power available with 900Nm of torque.

I will pre-empt the comments that will inevitably come in about this not being true off-roading, but I will remind you that this is a Bentley and the body panels don't come cheap! The point is what the car is capable of, not what a car built for the specific purpose of off-roading can achieve. The Bentayga mixes a blend of luxuriousness and road comfort, with capability in times of poor weather or snow, along with performance and dynamic capability.

In the next part we'll be taking Bentayga again on the road before we go to the track and catch a flight back to LA.

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Süre 31:45
Tarih 20 Şub 2016
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